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Hey there! 7rystan (Trystan) here. I'm a music producing, video game commentating, graphic designing, hot pocket eating person who loves to entertain and make people laugh and relax.

Ever since early 2006, I've had an online presence off and on, under different aliases, and have been trying for this dream of mine again and again to be able to live off entertaining and teaching others online.

I really hope to make something great here, and with your help, I think we can really accomplish something awesome. Thank you so very much for checking out my website, and whether or not you stay, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Recent Releases


  • As my first patron-only post, I'm giving out pack of over 15 glitchy, distorted sounding atmospheres, sound effects, and a couple interesting kicks and snares in there too! This is a part of a bigger project I'm working on, but as I said, you patrons will get them before anyone else does! Thanks again for supporting me!
  • Finally! The first official premium package released! Sorry for the wait, but here it is! Everything I used to make my recently released track "Fallout" is here in this package. The track itself, stems, serum presets, FL Studio file, everything! I hope you all have fun with this! This is my first time making a package like this, so if anything's broken or out of place, be sure to let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Thanks for all of your support!
  • Hope you all enjoy this sample pack! All the sounds comprised in this collection were either created by me, or found by me around the internet for free. If there's any samples in here that should not be in here (i.e. part of another collection that's not free), be sure to let me know. Also let me know if you all want more of these by contacting me at any of the following links and asking, and I'll be sure to make more!
  • Hey again guys, Trystan here again with another exciting entirely free sample pack for you, this time focused on experimental types of snare drums! We've all heard the typical EDM snares used time and time again, so I figured I'd try and spice things up a bit by creating some of my own unique snares. This free pack contains over 20 snare samples and several extra goodies, including my most recent release, titled "Middle of the Woods", where some of these snares are showcased.